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I’m Shreyas Mogal! Thanks for dropping in!

I’m an Instrumentation Engineer by qualification, a Marketing and Content Specialist by profession and an Author by passion.

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I am an Instrumentation Engineer, an entrepreneur and an author. I have published two books, a crime fiction and a short abstract fiction. Furthermore, I have been working as a content writer for four years and have written, edited and built a content strategy for individuals and organizations spanning 18 industries.
I am the Founding Partner of Captiwit, a marketing & advertising firm.

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Mancando: An Ordeal of Rhythm & Revenge (2020)

The F-Word (2018)

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The Boat & The Storm

We are often told that “We are all in the same boat.”
Are we, though? Here is my take.


How do you react to what remains after a cataclysm?
How do you react to the aftermath of losing someone?

“Dream Big” is Stupid

To make it big in life, we’re told to dream big. That’s meaningless.
Here’s my take.

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Absolutely Breath-Taking!

The story keeps you hooked right from the start. just when you think you know the answer the author knocks you off your feet! The descriptions are vivid and the characters are very lively! kudos Shreyas Mogal!

An Enthralling Murder Mystery!

The book was gripping since the beginning. The sequential rushing events and electrifying twists make it more interesting as we dive further into the tale. The author has given a good insight into the places from Mumbai where incidents of this book take place which certainly helped to connect more with the environment.


One of the most stunning thrillers I have ever read!! A story that makes you think like a cop, to find who is guilty.. and that’s exactly how a thriller should be!! And of course, it feels like it is happening somewhere around you, because it is based in Mumbai. But even if you are a Mumbaikar or not, you will definitely find the story engaging. Overall, a book written very thoughtfully and in a unique way!

A Bold Read in the Mystery Genre!

There are very few crime-fiction writers in India these days and even fewer good ones. This was certainly a story I enjoyed thoroughly and cherished the witty bits of narrative playfulness.
What stands out, as a reader, though, is that it is set in Amchi Mumbai❤️ very well done!

A Must-Read Masterpiece!

An exemplar masterpiece that will grab your attention and doesn’t let go till the end! An enthralling read! One of the best books I have read!

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