Published Work

I published my first work, The F-Word, back in 2018 and my debut crime fiction, Mancando, in 2020.

If you are someone who loves to turn to books to getaway from the real world, then I offer you two of my closest works.

The F-Word is a short fiction that revolves around bullying, mental health, homosexuality, and art.

Mancando: An Ordeal of Rhythm & Revenge is a nail-biting crime thriller that revolves around murders, money laundering, music, narcotics, and the city of Mumbai.

How Can I Help You?


I am the Managing Partner of Captiwit, a marketing & advertising firm.
Want to build a legacy? Let’s talk.

Script Writing

I have written scripts for short films that fetched millions of views as well as explainer videos for products/services.


Want to know how you can build a consistent reading habit AND read over 500 words a minute? Yep, I know the sauce.

Testimonials For My Work

An exemplar masterpiece that will grab your attention and doesn’t let go till the end! An enthralling read! One of the best books I have read!


Simply brilliant content to read. Will even make most lazy reader to sit up and take notice.


Unputdownable! One of the most stunning thrillers I have ever read!! A story that makes you think like a cop, to find who is guilty.. and that’s exactly how a thriller should be!! 


We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us.

Charles Bukowski