A New Beginning 

Hello everyone, here we are post-Christmas at the end of this year. This year must have been good to some people, bad to some. Some might have completed their resolutions, some failed. 

The thing about incomplete resolutions, in my opinion is, you never actually wanted to achieve it. You took some stupid resolution because you had to take one, so ended up saying you’ll give up some favourite thing of yours. A couple of my friends’ resolution was to stop eating meat. What’s the result? They’re planning to have a Chicken Biryani on 31st December. 

A resolution should be a challenge, yes. But something which you always wished to do, but couldn’t. A step towards your passion, your dream. Something which will benefit you and bring out a better you! 

2016 is almost over now. Its past. There’s nothing you could do to change it. But here’s what you can do: you can make 2017 better. Don’t just boast about it saying, “2017 will be my best year”. Just do it. You see a vision, do you smile? If yes, then you have a responisibility to chase it. Be something more than a spectator. Be the person who people will look up to! 

I wish 2017 brings happiness to everyone of you. I hope you complete your resolutions. Start over. Let this be a new beginning. 


Published by Shreyas Mogal

Author | Entrepreneur | Engineer

10 thoughts on “A New Beginning 

  1. Well said brother …. It actually tells us the reality of ourselves … That how we badly we want to accomplish certain stuff and ur quote makes it very clear hats off✌🖖

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