Mind Blown? 

Most people are familiar with Pi right? 3.141592653…

Well lets say we were to write it out in full. Impossible, obviously, but for the sake of argument lets say we do it. Then, let’s convert all even digits (including zeros) to ‘0’, and all odd digits to ‘1’.

Now we have 1101110011… in an infinite, non repeating sequence of binary information.

‘So what?’ I hear you ask. So everything. No, literally everything. Every bit of information ever to exist will be contained somewhere in this string. The story of your life; the story of my life; the history of mankind; the history of the universe; this post; hell, everything ever written and everything that ever will, won’t, or could be written. All of it would be there.

But here comes the mindfuck: despite having all that knowledge at your hands, despite it all being there, with no possible method of finding it amongst the random code of 1s and 0s, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. It would be meaningless. Because as much as we played with it, the only thing you actually have is Pi.

π– Behold, everything and nothing.

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  1. wadekarpankesh says:

    I like your thought

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