Seventeen – Part I

“I hope y’all are having fun, guys? ” shouted Lorenzo over the sound of loud music on his woofers. 

“Hell yeah, man!” everybody nodded and raised their wine glasses. The room was filled with the smell of Beer, Wine and Vodka. Lorenzo’s parents were on a trip to Spain for a week. So, the 17-year old took this as an opportunity of having a booze party at his place. Lorenzo was just another rich teenager who had his hopeless youth addicted to drinking, smoking and goofing around. 

“Yo, your parents are coming back tomorrow, right? What if they find out?” Andrew asked, worried. 

“Don’t you worry, dawg. I’ll spray some room freshener and clean this place up. And if they suspect something, I’ll narrate some story. My dad’s an idiot and my mom is dumb enough to believe me!” Lorenzo said while taking a sip of Vodka. 

“Oh! You shouldn’t be cursing your parents, man.” A 20-something guy got up and went near to Lorenzo. “They’re the reason you’re able to throw a party.” 

“Yeah, because they’re out of town and rich. I’ll give ’em that.” replied Lorenzo, irritated. 

“Well, they didn’t raise you so you can be an asshole.” the guy replied. 

Now Lorenzo, high already, was starting to lose his temper. “You don’t tell me what to do or what to say, you punk! And anyway, who the hell are you? Get your ass out of my place if you got a problem. Yes, my parents are annoying and stupid. And yes, they did raise me and provided me with money and other stuff. But that’s something everybody does for their kids.” 

“Well, I see this generation isn’t grateful at all. You were raised by a millionaire, you don’t know what poverty is, how being an orphan is. My parents died when I was 9. I grew up on the streets and struggled to get two meals a day,” the guy’s voice was raising now. 

Lorenzo interrupted in a higher tone, “I don’t give a damn how you grew up. Just shut up and enjoy the party or get the hell out.”

The guy still continued, “To start, they cleaned your shit. They taught you to walk, talk, play, put you in school, gave you all the facilities you needed, rather, the ones you wanted, so that you’ll love them in return. Your dad has earned enough that he can live the rest of his life without working. But he still does, to make an even better world for you. And when he will realize that he had raised you wrong, he’s gonna lose it. And I tell you, there’s nothing more painful than to look at the tears in your dad’s eyes reflecting disappointment. Your dad’s a great man. Your mom is really kind. They just want you to dream up and chase those dreams. They want you to be a man. A proud and respected person. Do it!” 

Lorenzo, now completely filled with anger, tried pushing him hard but the guy stood on the same place. The guy placed his hand on Lorenzo’s shoulder and said, “You’re under the alcohol’s influence right now. You need to calm down. Take some rest and think about what I said, later.” 

Lorenzo shook his hand off his shoulder and punched him on the face. The guy had had enough. He hit back hard on Lorenzo’s face, punching him to the ground. Lorenzo was high enough to not be able to get up. He passed out. 

Part II –

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  1. chaos-xd says:

    Okay buddy! Looks like a series I’m gonna enjoy!
    Loved the opening scene and the introduction.. love the name choice!
    Not one boring bit!
    Well written! 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shreyas Mogal says:

      Ahah! Thank you so much!💜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. chaos-xd says:

        Pleasures all mine yo! ✌

        Liked by 1 person

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