Seventeen – Part II

Part I –

The next day, Lorenzo woke up with a heavy head. His few friends had left already and a couple of his friends had dozed off on his bed. He asked them about the guy at the party the earlier night. 

“What guy are you talking about?” 

“The one who was talking about respecting parents and some motivating stuff.” said Lorenzo, rubbing his eyes. 

“Dude, we were partying, drinking and dancing. Chris was smoking pot, Andrew drank so much, he’s still asleep. Nobody spoke anything about parents except you. And it was far from respecting them.” answered Jack, confused with the weird things Lorenzo has been talking about. 

Lorenzo, even more confused, replied, “You mean nobody said anything like that? ” Jack shook his head. “Who was the guy then? He wasn’t one of my friends.” Jack gave him a blank reaction. Lorenzo continued, “He punched me hard. He was like 20-something. And about this height”, raising his hand just above his head to describe his height. 

Jack chuckled, “There was no one older than 18, Lorenzo. And nobody punched you. You were talking shit about your parents, and then you stopped, mumbled something to yourself and passed out.” 

Lorenzo didn’t say a word. He fell silent, his mind filling up with guilt thinking about what the mysterious guy said. His words began to sink in. “… there’s nothing more painful than to look at the tears in your dad’s eyes reflecting disappointment…They just want you to dream up…” 

His words were stuck in his head. But who was he? Lorenzo got up, stretched his arms and legs. He wondered for another moment and then smiled. He was finally realizing his mistakes and how he was letting his parents down by betraying their trust. He cleaned his house of everything. He cleaned his mind of everything. 

Later, when his parents came back home, he was a much more confident and matured person. His parents didn’t ask him what changed him, they were just thankful for whatever happened.

To all the teenagers and the youth out there, dream big. “And when you have a dream, you have a responsibility to chase it. Cause if you don’t, you’re just a dreamer.” Make your parents proud. The day you hear, “I’m proud of you, son.” is the day you succeed. Peace.

© An Unknown Wanderer
© Picture Credits : Google Images

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