Dream To Accomplish 

I don’t know what doesn’t let me sleep,

Is it my failures or my yet-to-be-achieved dreams?

I don’t know the reason for my heavy head.

Is it because I’m mentally dead?

Or is it because I’m going through a lot? 

Will I hit this chance which I got?

I look at my eyes, I see dark circles there.

But, I also see ambition leading somewhere.

I see the fuel to burn down my failures, 

And end all the pain over the years.

And I know, I’m man enough to face

All my failures and mistakes!

I’m ready for the challenges I’ve to deal, 

I’m ready to get hit on my wounds, for I know they’ll heal.

I’m ready to face the pain I’ll feel,

For I know, this struggle is real!

Motivation isn’t something I fish,

For I know, I have a dream to accomplish! 

© An Unknown Wanderer 

Published by Shreyas Mogal

Author | Entrepreneur | Engineer

4 thoughts on “Dream To Accomplish 

  1. Don’t let negativity come between you and success. Negativity and sadness clouds our shiny sky sometimes, but after a heavy rain, rainbow always visits. Be positive always👍

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