Kill The Boy

“Ah! Bliss!”

On the 9th floor, Mr Ojas, slurping his morning tea was standing in the balcony. Letting the cool breeze through his hair, he was looking at the little kids running, playing, having fun. One of those kids, who was learning to ride a bicycle, reminded him of his son when he was that young. He fell off the bike for the 4th time. Then, he started crying and sat in the corner silently for a few minutes, trying to get over his fear. Again, he got up and pushed the pedal. A few metres and off he fell. Lying on the ground, he held his knee, sobbing. But once again, he got up and gave another shot. 

Mr Ojas smiled and came back in the living room. He asked his 19-year old son, Arush, 

“Do you remember the time you were learning to ride a bicycle?”

Arush chuckled, “Yes dad! Looking at these kids now brings back the nostalgia. I guess, I was about seven or eight years old? God, the number of times I used to fall!” 

Mr Ojas smiled, “Yes, do you know what has changed in you since then?” 

Arush thought for a moment and shrugged, with a puzzled look, he said, “I don’t know, dad. I mean, except for physical changes? I don’t think– er, I didn’t get you.” 

“Well, son, you’re almost an adult now. You’ve grown a lot. You’re a mature young man. You’re strong and know how to face your troubles. I’m sure you keep a lot of things bottled up inside you. But, as you grew up, you lost that will to get back up again. You’ve killed the kid inside you and the grown boy can’t handle the weight on his shoulders. Ironically, the kid is more man enough to face failures than grown ups. Grown ups can’t tackle their failures. They want someone they can blame. Kill the grown-up boy. Let the kid be reborn.” 

© An Unknown Wanderer

© Picture Credits : Google Images 

Published by Shreyas Mogal

Author | Entrepreneur | Engineer

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