L O S T   S O U L

I stare at the void with an empty heart

As I walk down the boulevard. 

My body’s burning up now

My insides are crying out loud 

Yet, I feel no pain. 

I realize I’m in my thoughts, lost, again.

I’m wondering why did I fall? 

If I did the best I could, why did I fail at all? 

I broke away from the world 

To pick myself up, 

To find myself again, 

For once and for all, end this pain

Take the hits and smirk it off 

I knew I had to find a way through the boulevard, 

And I will, even if I’ve to walk alone. 

Because, my lost soul, 

Craves for a way home. 

© An Unknown Wanderer 

© Image credits : Google Images 

Published by Shreyas Mogal

Author | Entrepreneur | Engineer

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