Pre-Script : I’m an agnostic.

This last decade has had a rise in atheism. A child not following their particular religion “offends” the society. Many who pretend to believe in God, know that deep down they don’t. They believe, because they were forced to do so. 

We were brought up in a cage whose bars were set by the people around us. They make us think like they want to, they make us do what they want to. We live our life following a religion we didn’t choose. But anyway, I’m here to talk about atheists. Atheists need proper reasons for everything. Fine. That’s good. 

The other day, I was watching a stand up comedy by Neville Shah about Atheists and Believers and he said that, “Atheism is a religion”. 

And yes, that’s true. A few years back, people were sick of being forced upon the opinion about the existence of God. The reasons believers gave others didn’t seem believable to some so they chose to not believe instead. But now, you see, the tables have turned. Atheists have started giving dumb reasons to believers to not believe in God. I’m not generalizing. But there are many such atheists who think it’s “cool” to not believe in God. They’ll give you baseless reasons. Fuck, those aren’t even reasons. They declare their opinion by saying, “There is no God! Why to prove? Why do you even believe? Ugh, aren’t you orthodox?” And they’ll force their opinion on you.

I’m not saying this opinion is wrong. It maybe right. But, there’s no need to offend others’ beliefs. I have my beliefs. You have yours. I don’t force mine upon you, have the courtesy to do the same. Forcing an opinion without proper reasons is what some religious people did. And that’s what atheists do now. Again, I’m not generalizing. It’s the same as laughing at a kid who believes in Santa Claus. It is his/her belief. If that’s making him/her happy, then nothing else matters. Follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy. Stop expecting other people to do the same. Do what you please. I’ll do what I please.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we all see a world beyond our beliefs and get along with everyone. If we all start to appreciate the person, despite his/her religion , beliefs or culture. If we put love, brotherhood before all these things which don’t matter. Bliss. 

PS : I didn’t mean to offend anyone. And if you’re offended, consider my appologies. 


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