The End? 

Do you know what it’s like

To be isolated? 

To be bullied and hated? 

To be that different kid? 

When you screamed for help, but nobody did? 

And one day, you hear a voice.

You feel as if you’ve found the sound for the noise!

The noises inside your head.

And you’re uplifted to kill the demons you fed.

You’re not Numb anymore.

Your words are not Lost In The Echo!

And you know you’ll cross the New Divide,

That’s the feeling you get From The Inside!

You find One More Light to bring out your best.

Be yourself, and Leave Out All The Rest.

But suddenly, one day,

You have an urge to Runaway!

Because that voice is long gone.

You wish it resurrects in the dawn, 

But, it doesn’t. It’s not Easier To Run anymore. 

You’re Crawling in the dark. All alone. 

 With Heavy eyes, you’re Waiting For The End. 

Wishing a Good Goodbye to your friend.

In The End, it matters. You’ve realized.

Now there’s your soul, Burning In The Skies!

Chester Bennington, I hope you find peace up there.

Thank you for telling me that life ain’t fair.

Thank you for all those memories.

We’ll always be With You. You’ll always have the crown. 

I wish you didn’t Burn It Down. 

© An Unknown Wanderer

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  1. ashutoshrg says:

    😶😶the ironic part is, photo goes so well with the write up. It’s all too sad. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right? 😭😭💜


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