Stuck in the loop

I found myself lying on the ground.

Hurt, wincing in pain.

I looked around,

I saw bodies, blood and flames.

I heard people laugh, cry out of love and hate.

I saw them mourn, saw them celebrate.

I realized we’ve won the war.

Also learned that winning is hard.

I’m glad we came this far.

Still in pain, I somehow smile.

Lay myself down and close my eyes.

Happy, that I’ll see my loved ones.

Happy, that I’ll get to lay down my guns.

But as I open my eyes to what is real,

I’m in the same battlefield.

And yet, once again,

I see happiness and pain.

Yes, time flies.

I close my eyes.

Desperately hoping to go home.

But I wake up in the same war zone.

Yes, I’m stuck in this loop forever.

A soldier’s life gets no better.

Don’t know if I’ll ever be together

With my parents, children and wife.

I guess, this loop is my life.

Β© An Unknown Wanderer

Published by Shreyas Mogal

Author | Entrepreneur | Engineer

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