Calling Us Home

Have you ever felt overlooked? 

Ever felt like you deserved a little more? 

You knew you had what it took, 

So you gave it all you could and stayed low.

But, you didn’t get what you wanted. 

Neither did you get what you needed. 

The days which screamed, the nights which haunted, 

The good things you pleased, the crimes you pleaded, 

Are all in vain. 

The stars don’t shine for you.

Your closest ones don’t understand the pain.

And you’re wondering where you went wrong, without a clue.

Your mind wanders around 

Conspiracies and betrayal plots. 

A bliss in loneliness you’ve found,

Somehow avoiding the futile thoughts.

Let me remind you something you need

You’re a star!

And a bright one indeed.

You will guide battles and win wars.

You’ll be a ray of hope,

Lighting places in dark!

You’ll be a sound calling us home.

You’ll be the fuel to our fire,

The needs of our desire.

Believe in yourself, don’t mourn.

You’re the sound calling us home,

You’re the sound calling us home!

ยฉ An Unknown Wanderer 

Published by Shreyas Mogal

Author | Entrepreneur | Engineer

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