The Exordium – 2

Part 1 – Click Here
“I see you here everyday. Same bench. Same drink. What is it that you mourn?” he asks. His face gleamed with confidence. I assume his life is perfect.
I sigh. I take a sip from my bottle and tell him, “My mother passed away. A week ago. In her dying moments, I didn’t see happiness or satisfaction on her face. She seemed dejected.” I picturise the scene as I talk with teary eyes. “My parents had high hopes for me. My dad passed away one year ago. Just like my mom, he went away looking at me with expectations. I knew I had to pull myself together and take care of my mom but I couldn’t. And, now it’s too late. All I can do now is regret, mourn, reminisce.” Tears start to stream down my cheeks. I feel a lump in my throat. I look at the stars shining, flickering in the beautiful sky. The man sitting beside me places his hand on my shoulder. With a confronting voice, he speaks,
“Look, brother, I understand your pain. Truly, I do. But, remember, your parents didn’t leave you. They’re still here. They’re still watching you. They still have high hopes for you. You have dreams, I know. And, you have that spark in you to go chase it. All you’ve to do is fan the flames. You’ve responsibilities. Responsibility to make your parents proud. Responsibility to raise your bars and live up your life. Responsibility to make your existence significant. Stop being a regular guy. You’ve a responsibility to chase your dreams. That’s the most important thing. And, you’ll do it! I’ve my faith in you!” Something about him seems peculiar to me. He has a commanding voice, I realize. I start to feel my mistakes. I try to get a clear vision about what I’m gonna do. He gets up from the bench and walks away. I turn to call him out but I don’t see him. I look around the boulevard, no traces of him. I look back at the sea and I don’t see that either. Suddenly, I realize, I’m in a void.
I wake up. My room is messed up. I see a couple of Vodka bottles and fathom that I’ve been drinking. I recall my dream. I smile and get out of bed knowing my life won’t be miserable and purpose-less as before.


So, what’s up everyone? Here’s a collaboration series I did with Riya, a brilliant writer and an amazing person! Hope y’all like this! 

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  1. Riya says:


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  2. Mona says:

    I liked the story very much. Felt lost while reading the first part but liked the optimism in the 2nd part of the story. Good effort. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much💫
      I’m glad you liked it!

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