Everything’s an illusion.

Winning’s the biggest one. You think you’ve won, but you realize it was a battle not the war. 

The war never ends. 

Yes, winning is an illusion. Life is a computer game. You pass one level, a tougher one awaits. It’s a strategy game that has no end. The disparity though, is you’ve only one chance. 

Yes, winning is an illusion. It’s an oasis on a highway. And you’re chasing it hoping to reach it. But, you don’t.

In the chaos of chasing the illusion, you forget that winning, success is not a destination but a journey. It’s not a sprint race, but one with many laps. You’ve to keep winning. You’ve to keep proving yourself. Giving up is not an option. So, keep fighting. Keep up with the speed in the life’s fastlane. Enjoy the journey. You might face failures but don’t repent. It’s a part of your journey. 

And remember, have faith. In the end, what you’ve achieved won’t matter, but what you’ve learned will. That’s your achievement. Have faith. You’ll get through all the difficulties you face. You’ll win all the battles in the war. Have faith.


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