Fair Life? 

Kurt Cobain. 

Robin Williams.

Chris Cornell. 

Chester Bennington. 

These are some names of artists who not only succeeded in their respective fields, but also were idolized by others. Now, what’s common among them? Yes, all of these great artists have killed themselves. We all see today’s masses hunting for money. But, such successful, famous, rich and looked-up-to men having killed themselves makes me wonder what it is we seek in life? Do you know what it’s like to lose something you cherished? Do you know what it’s like to lose something you know you can never replace? Do you know what it’s like to lose someone you admired, loved, idolized? 

Life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Life ain’t fair at all. Life ain’t trying to help you sort yourself out. Life sucks. Life is tough. It’ll hit you as hard as possible and it’ll try to keep you down as much as possible. Yes. Life sucks. 

A person leaves. Leaves the world. Leaves his pain. No, that ain’t true. You can never ‘leave’ pain. You can just pass it on to your loved ones. Not even your haters. Only the ones you love. You still wanna talk about life being fair? It’s not. It’s tough. But, you gotta make sure you are too. Stop judging others. Watch yourself. 

In the end, it does matter. You matter. 

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