You’re Not Alone

You’re trudging on an unknown road, 

Do you realize the road’s an ascent? 

And that you’re still at the toe? 

You still have a long way to go. 

You’re trying to swim underwater now, 

You’ve held your breath for long, 

But now you feel you’re about to drown. 

Do you realize you still have to go deep down?;

You say you’re tired of this shit.

You’ve reached your breaking point. 

You’ve taken one too many hits. 

Exhausted, now you just want to call it quit. 

Dithered with fear, 

You wonder why is it always you.

No, wipe your eyes off those tears. 

You’re not alone walking down here. 

You’re not alone at the foot of the hill. 

You’re not alone on the brink of losing your will. 

You’re not alone holding your breath. 

You’re not alone fearing yet longing for death. 

We’re all in the same avenue. 

Looking for someone like me, someone like you. 

We’re all captives of our own troubles. 

We’re all stuttering in our own struggles. 

Remember, it’s a battle in this dark night.

In the hope of a bright day, we fight. 

We’ll get through this.

Get through the forswore abyss.

You’re trudging on an unknown road,

But you’re not alone. 

© An Unknown Wanderer 

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  1. Gayathree says:

    Amazing 🙂
    U r damn so talented

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much💫


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