Turning Tables

I remember when I grew fond of you. 

I don’t remember when it turned to love.

Or when your voice started to remind me of the oceans. 

Or when your eyes started to remind me of the bluest skies. 

Or when being around you started to feel like an evening walk in spring. 

I remember the ocean losing its calm. 

I don’t remember when the storm came. 

I remember staring at the sunset. 

I don’t remember when it turned so dark. 

I remember the raindrops tickling my face. 

I don’t remember when I was lost in the flood. 

Everything changed as the tables turned. 

But I still ended up loving you. 

© An Unknown Wanderer

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shrushti says:

    Blue eyes and springtime. Nothing to add there.
    Also where’s the picture here from, it’s such a good picture! It looks like the fiery sun is burning the leaves?


    1. I’ve written about the sky (sunset to dark) and spring time eventually turning to heavy rains with floods.
      About the picture, one of my friend sent it to me. The leaves have dried up as time went by.

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