Do you remember when you almost got what you wanted? But you didn’t. Because someone or something turned up. And that, was your excuse. Do you ever face the defeat yourself? Do you ever take the hit on yourself or do you always blame some person or situation for your failure? Are you really that big of a coward? You act so tough on the outside but take a look at yourself. You’re a mess. And you take pride in that? “Be proud of who you are.” Sure, but not always. It’s high time you should change yourself. Be who you want to be. You gave up on all your battles. Just because, someone told you nothing really matters? And you capitulated? This is your life. This is your battle. Nobody’s fighting it for you. For once, stand up for yourself. Put up a fight. Lose. Learn. Take pride in that defeat. Come back stronger. You’re going to win. You were born a winner. And you won’t blame anyone or anything. Not anymore. You’re self made. You’re victorious. 

© An Unknown Wanderer 

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  1. Shruti Ohri says:

    Goshh. This needs to be said more often! Hits right in the feels. Such motivating and inspiring vibes! Loved it!❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you feel so. Thank you, Shruti!🖤🔥

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