“Now lemme welcome everybody to the wild wild west!” I’m rapping along as I listen to Dr Dre and Tupac’s California Love. I glance up and see Jennifer coming towards me. Well, now she’s gonna pull out my earphones. Yup. There it is. 

“We’ve a flight in three hours and the airports an hour away. How could you be listening to songs right now?”
I give her a confused look and tell her, “Because we’ve a flight in three hours and the airport’s just an hour away.”
Well, I know there’s no point in arguing anyway.
*a while later*
“John! This is our ride, isn’t it?” Jennifer asked me as she heard the announcement. I saw the display. Flight 93. United Airlines. Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California. Yes. I nod.
As we enter the Boeing 757-222, I realize there are just around 25 people in here. I read that this plane’s filled about 52% on Tuesdays. Well, I know a few more people will join. We found our seats and settled. I look at the time, 7:39. Two brown guys (no, I’m not being racist) come in together but sit separately at seats 6B and 3D. Pretty strange. The aircraft gets out at 8:01. But my intuition tells me there’s gonna be a real heavy airport congestion. And yes. Here it is. I look at Jennifer and realize she already dozed off. I chuckle and stare at her cute face. Well, I better take a nap too. After all, I’m heading to California!
I wake up and realize we’re airborne. 35000 feet. I take a deep breath as I try to fathom this altitude. I suddenly look inside the plane with my heart pounding. I’m having terrible intuitions and I think I’m sweating. Oh, I’m having an adrenaline rush. I look at the time, it’s almost 9:30. The guys I saw earlier get up and head for the cockpit with two more men. I look at Jennifer at my side and wake her up. “Remember, I’ll always love you. No matter what.” and I plant a kiss on her forehead. She probably got the idea from my sweating face that I sensed something’s wrong. We heard someone yelling in the front. Two out of the four guys came out of the cockpit with guns in their hands. Aimed at us. Everyone of us is shellshocked. Nobody moved a muscle. I guess the other two must be taking over the plane. The two hijackers here drive us to the back of the plane. Nobody tries to resist or even utter a word. It seems as if this is all going too fast for us to digest. At this moment, we heard over the speakers, “Ladies and gentlemen: here the captain. Please sit down, remain seating. We have a bomb on board. So sit.”
This brave woman travelling with us seems to have held up a grudge against these dangerous people already. One of the guys holds her jaw and points the gun right on her forehead. Her screams chill my bones. The other guy tells this guy to keep her quiet. AND THIS IMBECILE JUST STABBED HER WITH A KNIFE! Everybody’s screaming now. He looks at us and shows us his bloody knife. Everybody fell back, quiet.
All the passengers and the crew are now making phone calls to officials, family members, friends. Jennifer, the only person I have close to family, looks at me and asks me what might happen. I tell her I don’t like where this is going. The people who called other people down there tell us that some people attacked the World Trade Centre. A hijack and a terrorist attack, could this day get any worse? Oh well, it will. Everybody suddenly starts screaming and pointing out the window. I try to take a look outside. I realize our altitude is too low. And it suddenly hits me. This is a suicide mission. We’re all gonna die. We’re heading for the Twin Towers. A huge turbulence pushed many people on the floor. I grab Jennifer and we fall on a seat. I look at the front of the plane and see the hijackers shouting something in a language I don’t understand with their hands up in air. Another jerk and we’re all on the floor. Shit, we crashed! I glance around and fathom that–

© An Unknown Wanderer 

Disclaimer : The names and the story is fiction but is based on a real tragic event. 

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