I sat at the edge of a cliff
Staring below as the river flowed,
Cutting through the hefty rocks!
Persistence, the trait showed.

The wind blew cold, strong,
Oblivious to the heat of the sun.
I envied its ostensible freedom,
Since it was bound to none.

The eagles soaring up high,
Untethered, they drifted so free!
The endless sky smiled till its horizon
And the river flowed with glee.

It was I, who was ignorant
Towards my own, untethered soul.
Which could flow just as free,
Smile as wide and feel just as whole.

It was I, who lamented myself
Paying no heed to my persistent trait.
I fathomed I could defeat the rocks
And not take a chance with fate.

© 2020, Shreyas Mogal

Thank you for reading.

It had been a while since I’ve posted on the blog. I hope you all are doing fine! I also revamped the site, so do check it out!

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