3 am

3 am is a troublesome time. You sit there staring at your computer as the clacking of your keyboard dies. Your reflection remorsefully stares back at you as your coffee turns colder.

4 am is a troublesome time. You struggle to fathom yourself. You don’t understand the feeling rising in your heart — the desperation, the anxiety. You have no idea why tears dwell in your eyes.

5 am is a troublesome time. Somewhere far away, a train blows its horn. It’s pitch-black outside, other than a flickering street lamp. Yet, your thoughts turn darker than the night.

6 am is a better time. The dawn breaks and you hear the chirping of birds. The last remnant of hope in you grows stronger and with your dried-up eyes and the dark sleepless circles below them, you get up to face another day.

This is your day. Seize it.

© 2020, Shreyas Mogal

Thank you for reading.

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    1. I’m glad you feel so. Stay strong!


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