Text to Screen: A Journey

Hi, fellas!
Thank you for dropping by. I hope you’re having a lovely week. These are some tumultuous and unprecedented times we’re living in.

I know I have been pretty sporadic with the blog, lately. Before I posted a piece of poetry last month, I hadn’t posted in months. Anyway, let me give you a little update about me, then. Since the last time this blog was active, I have been exploring lots of new fields and opportunities.

In December 2018, I published my first novella, The F-Word, which revolved around bullying and oppression, homosexuality, and mental health. A month later, I got a call from Rupak Shah, the co-founder of LearnAur, asking me to be his co-author for a non-fiction ebook. Needless to say, I leapt at the opportunity.

A couple of months later, we published ‘A Book A Week’ and thus, began my journey with LearnAur. It is an Edutainment company with over 25,000 subscribers on YouTube! Over time, they have come up with some truly inspiring short films and videos, which were committed to bring a positive change in the society. They’ve addressed delicate issues like sexual harassment, extortion over intimate pictures of a girl, false accusations, social dilemma about helping the ones in need and so on.

I was a complete newbie in the world of script writing and screenplay writing back then. However, their team guided me well and I have been writing scripts for them. One of the recent scripts that I wrote with Rithik Nair (an exemplary actor) fetched over 2.6 MILLION views in a couple of months.

In India, an estimated 99.1% of sexual harassment cases are not reported. Convictions are at 27.2%. Despite several movements and appeals for women empowerment, the situation doesn’t seem to have changed. As Napoleon said, “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.”

We, as humans, have a moral duty and responsibility to unite and raise our voice against the abominating act. Do watch the video here: Unfold: A Short Film by LearnAur.

It seems that writing scripts and screenplays has opened up a door to a plethora of skills to be explored by me. I have been working on aspects of writings I never thought I would. And of course, it feels wonderful to be doing it for a channel which is committed to bring forth a radiant change in the thinking of society.

Do check out the channel and some of these videos as well:

Raakh: A short film about smoking and its adverse effects.
Exposed: A short film about extorting against intimate pictures of a girl.
Unlocked: A short film about the conflicts, differences, similarities and the beauty of unity between two colleagues: a Hindu and a Muslim.

I’m certain y’all will have an amazing time watching these!

Until next time, ciao!

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  1. Dinkar Pagar says:

    Shreyas, you are trying to explore the new mindset of people of varied nature and behavior. Yor endeavors would take you at a valuable level. Continue namaste to storm your head..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot!😁


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