Mancando: An Ordeal of Rhythm & Revenge

It’s amusing how we sigh at the mention of the year. A sigh filled with desperation and exhaustion. It was indeed a long and winding road.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had an amazingly productive year. I completed my engineering, got a job, rebuilt my company with my partner, made some awesome connections, worked on my health and fitness, ran my first 21k and most importantly, published my debut crime fiction.

Mancando: An Ordeal of Rhythm & Revenge is a crime thriller which is intertwined with murders, extortion, money laundering, narcotics, music and is based in the city of Mumbai. I feel extremely humbled to inform that it has now been published worldwide on Amazon, the EvincePub Store, Google Play Books, Kindle, Instamojo, Kobo and Goodreads.

Here’s a little about the novel:
Vikram Kashyap, a billionaire industrialist, is shot dead on-stage at what was supposed to be his career’s most significant event. During the investigation by Mumbai Police led by Inspectors Reyansh Singh and Kyra Ghosh, the progress is diverted when two more murders follow suit.

However, as Reyansh & Kyra delve into the matter, they find themselves in a far greater upheaval with their lives at stake. The three murders were simply the tip of the iceberg and when Reyansh decides to pursue the case against the explicit orders of the Commissioner of Police, he is suspended.

Unwavering, he begins working on a clandestine operation and discovers an impending threat looming over the city as Mumbai Police finds itself entangled with the Research & Analysis Wing of India.

In this nail-biting crime thriller, I write the unraveling of each mystery, only to face a greater one, intertwined with raw politics, narcotics, murders and money laundering.

Do check out the novel, fellas!
If you’re a reader, get in touch with me! Let’s talk books!
Thanks for hearing me out! Have an incredible day ahead. Carpe Diem!

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