Unseasoned Rainfall

Does it ever happen to you?

An unseasoned rainfall, followed by its mesmerizing petrichor, takes you back to a particular day in June and a sense of belonging eases your mind? For some reason, the notion of that memory seems more familiar than the reality you currently live in.

As you look at the dripping leaves outside of your window, you wonder what’s changed within you. And all you can do is sigh at the enormity of transformation that you’ve been through since that day in June.

The days you’ve been through, the people you’ve come across, the tears you’ve shed and the laughs you’ve shared.

It was just June, but it seems so different now, doesn’t it? I suppose, all we can do is breathe in each moment that we get to live. Experience every essence of life while we are here and wait for the rains to stop and hope for a ray of sunshine to gleam through the clouds. And when the sunshine grazes your cheek, you will smile brighter, laugh harder and live every essence of life. Because no matter how dark the clouds are, they will always part ways for a brighter day.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day.
Shreyas Mogal

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  1. Dinkar Pagar says:

    Ultimate, it is nature which go on its way.

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