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Book Title: Mancando
Author: Shreyas Mogal
Format: Kindle

About the book:
Vikram Kashyap, a billionaire industrialist, is shot dead on-stage at what was supposed to be his career’s most significant event. During the investigation by Mumbai Police led by Inspectors Reyansh Singh and Kyra Ghosh, the progress is diverted when two more murders follow suit. However, as Reyansh & Kyra delve into the matter, they find themselves in a far greater upheaval with their lives at stake. The three murders were simply the tip of the iceberg, and when Reyansh decides to pursue the case against the explicit orders of the Commissioner of Police, he is suspended. Unwavering, he begins working on a clandestine operation and discovers an impending threat looming over the city as Mumbai Police finds itself entangled with India’s Research & Analysis Wing.

My Thoughts:
Thrillers are those books or that genre that…

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