Tune Out

The sun kisses the horizon as the skies let go of their blues.
You hear the streets jostle around as people let go of theirs.
A nearby construction site abruptly goes quiet. And so do the mills.
And in that terrible silence, you take a breath.

You hear a song playing at your neighbor’s; a song you haven’t heard in a long time. It makes you think of a simpler time.
You hear kids running around, the bells at a temple nearby, people talking across the street from your window, and the clock seems to tick louder.
And above all, you hear your own thoughts.

In that terrible silence, you reacquaint with yourself.
All because the construction site and the mills shut down.
We can be so much better if we simply learn to tune out the unnecessary and learn to relearn.

We can be so much more.

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  1. dinkarpagar says:

    No limit for viewing the route of sucess

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    1. Absolutely! 🙂


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