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Thanks for dropping in. Let me give you a quick introduction about myself.
I’m the author of The F-Word, a novella focusing on oppression, mental health and homosexuality. I’m the Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Sonje Media, a digital marketing firm. I am also an Instrumentation Engineer.
Needless to say, I like to write. I write fiction, short stories, poems, blogs, marketing content, web content and social media content.
I’m an avid reader, too!

About my debut novella:

The F-Word

Read the life of Aaron Milford, a nervous wreck, as he lives the ups and downs in his journey, overcoming his fears and haunting experiences. Introverted and scared for most of his childhood and teenage years, Aaron finds himself an escape from the tumultuous world. But, is it really an escape?
Amidst the slogans of gender equality, LGBT movements and oppression, the discrimination still continues.

How Can I Help You?


Being a content writer, I have written about ambiguous topics and am always looking forward to try my quill at newer things.


With my experience as a COO of a Digital Marketing firm and a Marketing Manager at a Game-Based Learning Company, I am well-versed with it.


I play the keyboard and in addition to fiction, poetry and content, I also write music. I compose cinematic background scores.

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What People Say About The F-Word

That was indeed a captivating roller coaster ride! All the best for your publishing. Great potential with what you’ve presented here, excelsior!

Ashutosh Gursale

Well written with a subtle message! Composed of a story that overall potrays the ignorance of our society to certain sensitive subject matters along with the ghastly nature of this world in a very apt manner. Keep it up Shreyas! Good job!

Shivram Krishnan

The story is exceptionally engrossing, lined on the circumstances that’ll fill you with heartache while reading some pages like the effortless winds that flow in the sky. Unnoticed, but prevalent. The cogent character brings life to the hope that sits somewhere in you. Worth the read. Indeed.

Samiksha Kedari

One hell of a story. ‘The End’ keeps us thinking. Recommending this to everyone. Bravo shreyas! Way to go brother!đź’Ż

Ashish Dhakare

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